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At PossibilitiesUnlimited, we support you to build a high performing organization through goal based strategic planning, operationalizing your priorities, and all that is the part and parcel of both processes. By facilitating a comprehensive and collaborative process, we assist you to tap into the unlimited possibilities that lie ahead and enhance the performance of your organization. Get in touch for a complimentary chat and to find out how we can be of service.

Experiencing Any of These Challenges?

Limited Resources

Lack of time and resources is one of the most common reasons sited for not creating a strategic plan or once a plan is created for not following through with implementation.

Ironically lack of strategic and operational plan causes this challenge as in the absence of a strategy, you resort to reactive management.

Our strategic planning process is designed to be efficient, respect your time, and create a final product that is actionable. In our implementation process, we do the heavy lifting and leave you with the tools you need to maximize your time.

Pie in the sky Problem

Maybe you did engage in strategic planning, invested time and resources but ended up not utilizing or reviewing the plan ever again? That is because you were left with a pie in the sky.

We will support you to design a strategic plan that is actionable and has specific targets and initiatives. So instead of feeling disheartened you know exactly where you are heading and how. 


Lack of clarity on the direction of the organization or a misalignment between vision, mission, and values is another sited reason by leaders for not setting strategic priorities.

On the implementation side, being pulled in every direction, prevents both leaders and employees from following through with implementation of organization’s priorities.

As part of the strategic planning process, we will review vision, mission, and values to ensure everyone is working towards achieving the same goals. Our implementation package builds on the alignment generated through the strategic planning process by clarifying roles and expectations and identifying targets and metrics.

Lack of Buy In

If staff input has not been sought when setting the strategic priorities, they do not feel invested in the outcome.

The same applies to implementation process. If staff do not clearly see the connection between their tasks and the organization’s mission and priorities, not only do they not but into the process, but they may unintentionally sabotage any efforts that moves the organization towards its vision.

Our collaborative approach to strategic planning and priorities implementation is designed to establish buy in from the start of the process.  

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Why PossibilitiesUnlimited

An Inside-Out Ethos

You and your organization have the knowhows and solutions. We are here to help you tease it out.

Valuing Your Time

Your time is precious and should be used efficiently. We prioritize you and are transparent regarding timelines.

Enabling You

We deliver practical tools and strategies that enable you. Our goal is transferring the skills and tools to you so you can continue building a high performing team.