Elevating Female Leaders To Build High-Performing Non-Profits Though Successful Identification And Implementation of Strategic Priorities.

Being strategic is an essential leadership skill.
Setting strategic priorities is putting your skill to work.

Experiencing any of these challenges?

Limited Resources.

Many organizations struggle with limited resources. In fact, I have heard: we do not have time or money for strategic planning way too many times throughout my career. For some, once a plan is created, lack of resources is seen as the explanation for lack of follow through.

Ironically lack of strategic and operational plans further complicates things as in the absence of strategy, you resort to reactive management, which becomes a significant drain on your resources.

During my goal based strategic planning process, I assess your organization’s capacity. My process is designed to be efficient, respect your time, and create a final product that enhances your resources and leaves you with an actionable plan.

In supporting you with the implementation process, I support you to clarify targets, roles, and accountabilities and leave you with the tools you need to maximize your efforts.

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Lack of Engagement

Sometimes 80% of your time as a leader is spent dealing with 20% of your workforce. This prevents you from investing the time needed to foster engagement.

But this is a negative cycle that you can break free from. Once you shift your attention to building engagement, you neutralize the power of the few over your time and resources.

My collaborative approach to strategic planning makes it easy for you to seek staff input from the outset of the strategic planning process. When you engage staff in setting the direction and contributing to the identification of strategic priorities, they will become invested in the outcome. This builds commitment in staff and empowers them to hold each other accountable. You may also find that those “difficult employees” just needed clarity of direction and positive attention.


Lack of clarity on the direction of the organization or a misalignment between vision, mission, and values can pull people in different directions. This prevents both leaders and employees from following through with implementation of organization’s priorities effectively.

As part of the strategic planning process, we will review vision, mission, and values to ensure everyone is working towards achieving the same goals.

My implementation package builds on the alignment generated through the strategic planning process by clarifying roles and expectations and identifying targets and key indicators of success.

My proven method supports you to create buy in and establish accountability by clarifying the connection between roles, expectations, and targets that move the organization towards achieving its vision. It also helps staff see the connection between their day to day work and the organization’s mission and priorities.

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Why PossibilitiesUnlimited

As an experienced facilitator, I
  • have a proven process to use your time efficiently.
  • use a goal-based approach that translates to outcomes.
  • can handle group dynamics to allow for full participation of every member in attendance.
  • will facilitate and run the sessions so you are free to fully participate.
Added value:
An Inside-Out Ethos

You and your organization have the knowhows and solutions. I am here to help you tease it out.

Valuing Your Time

Your time is precious and should be used efficiently. I prioritize your time and am transparent regarding timelines.

Enabling You

I deliver practical tools and strategies that enable you. My goal is transferring the skills and tools to you so you can continue building a high performing team.