Worried about strategic planning during a pandemic? This is why you should.

Uncertain times, such as the one we are living in right now can increase our anxiety. The advice we hear from experts is to be kind to ourselves, allow room for the ambiguity, and let go of wanting to run what we cannot control. These are all great suggestions and leaders need to give themselves and their teams room to breath.

Yet it is important to not mistake these useful suggestions for lack of planning and letting go of having a strategy in place. In fact, during these difficult times, having a clear strategic plan is more important than ever.

Here is why:

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  • Through the strategic planning process, you can reassess your mission and practices. This is actually a great time to review the mission of your organization. Are you still able to provide services in the manner you have always done so? How about post pandemic? What may you need to do differently to continue to offer high quality and relevant programs?
  • Having an aim and a plan clarifies everyone’s role and expectation. This in turn decrease the overall anxiety at the organization. In other words, you can create an environment where your employees know what they are doing, and how their efforts tie in with the vision and mission of the organization.
  • Having a strategic plan does not mean you will have a set of initiatives written on stone that you cannot adjust as needed. In fact, a good strategic plan is agile and allows for modifications with the changing environment that you operate in.

During uncertain times, where fear, anxiety, and financial pressures are building up, you still need to have a focus, a direction, and a plan to move you forward. In fact, you can utilize this crisis to undertake new approaches that would not have otherwise been revealed to you.  

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