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When I was a novice manager, I could have greatly benefited from resources to shorten my growth curve. And today, like many of you, there is much more that I would like to learn.
My goal here is to provide you with some of the tools I would have liked to have access to early on in my career.
I hope you find these resources helpful.

Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure you follow your organization’s policies and the governing laws you are bound by.

What Books Should I Read?

Personal Growth

Man’s Search for Meaning This is the original work that would have inspired many writers. A survivor of Nazi death camps, Viktor E. Frankl chronicles his story of spiritual survival and argues for pursuit of meaning over happiness. The book is riveting, a testament to the power of human spirit, and strongest argument for human’s potential for living with purpose and responsibility.


Xenophon’s Cyrus the Great: The Arts of Leadership and War Every theory of leadership now, stems from this book and the leadership of Cyrus. It is incredible to learn that not much in this field is new, just repackaged. Want to know about leadership, go to the source. You will not be disappointed.

The Fifth Discipline: The art and practice of the learning organization In my opinion this book is a must read for every leader. Peter Senge does not just open our eyes to how organizations must learn and grow to stay competitive and relevant; he also opens our eyes to the workings of the macro systems we live in.

Factfulness: Ten Reasons We’re Wrong About the World–and Why Things Are Better Than You Think This is by far the most influential and important book I have read, and I am planning to read it again. This is an especially important book for those in the social services sector. This book dives into why so many of our perspectives and beliefs about the world may be wrong and how we can increase our knowledge by using facts and data. Ultimately, life is not getting worse and the world is improving everyday! This book is a must read.


Learning in Relationship : Foundation for Personal and Professional Success Communication is one of the most significant competencies for success in life. Yet so often our shortcomings in having difficult conversations, and presenting our ideas clearly and concisely gets us into trouble. Ronald R. Short provides the readers with simple yet practical tools to improve their communication and learn from their relationships.

The Four Tendencies: The Indispensable Personality Profiles That Reveal How to Make Your Life Better (and Other People’s Lives Better, Too) I enjoyed this book a lot and had so many aha moments! Gretchen Rubin breaks down how different personalities respond to expectations. This book discusses personality type, only, as it relates to expectation. However, it is eye opening and increases self awareness which is a must for everyone, especially leaders. Knowledge is power after all.


Getting to What Matters: How to Design and Develop Evaluation If you, like many other non-profit and social serving organizations, want to effectively measure the impact of your work this is the book for you. Dr. Patty, breaks down what impact means and how to effectively evaluate and communicate the impact of your work. The book is easy to read, is engaging, and offers a meaningful and useful approach to impact evaluation.

The Goldilocks Challenge: Right-Fit Evidence for the Social Sector Want to dig deeper into the world of measurement and evaluation? This book does not offer simple solutions but it provides the reader with a strong foundation and understanding of evaluation tools. I still left believing in Dr. Patty’s method for measuring impact, but I learned so much more about evaluation after reading this book.

Why Hiring the Right Person is important?

Hiring can be a nightmare.

Choosing the right person for the job is key to organizations’ success.  So I have put this guide together to share what has worked for me throughout my career. I am focusing on the process of choosing your final hire. It goes without saying that you need to have an advertising and/or recruitment plan depending on the position you are hiring for.

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How to Lead and Manage Change?

Leading and managing change effectively is essential to organizational success. When implementing change fails, morale and culture of the organization will suffer, negatively impacting product and services.

This change management tool will support you in leading and managing change at you organization.

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What Meeting Agendas to Use?

Having an advance set agenda for meetings is absolutely necessary. It helps set structure, set goals for the meeting, and provides those reflective introverts with the time they need to prepare for the meeting effectively.

However, agenda for a general team meeting and one for your direct reports should be different.

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