Reaching Your Potential

As a social service organization, you are working to address societal problems. You are striving to make the community more healthy and increase access to opportunities. You want to empower your clients and make life better for more people. To provide effective services you want to ensure you are performing at the height of your potential.

Your success is founded on:

Healthy & Engaged Culture

In a healthy and engaged work culture, your teams’ wellness is a priority. Staff are engaged in the design of the programs and its evaluations and contribute to the forming of strategic priorities. At a healthy and engaged workplace, employees are participants in innovation and the development of the organization.

Successful Change Management

Managing and leading through change successfully is fundamental to the health and productivity of organizations. Organizations that are agile, have effective change management strategies in place, celebrate success, and learn from their failures are continuously learning and reaching for their potential.

Living your Organizational Values

Living your organizational values, in policies and day to day operation, brings cohesion to teams. Values are the framework within which your organization operates in. Alignment of your values with your day to day practices inspires your employees and inspired employees are your most valuable assets.

Collaborative Evaluation

Routinely and collaboratively evaluating your organization’s performance, capacity, and impact enables you to learn and adjust as you move forward. When you make organizational decisions based on actual data and anchor those evaluations in your vision and priorities, you support the creation of a learning culture.

When you:
  1. lead change with success to offer high quality services
  2. Improve quality of life for your target population
  3. have an engaged and healthy workforce
  4. make decision based on accurate and reliable data
  5. and live your organizational values
You have reached your potential.

At PossibilitiesUnlimited, we can help build on your most significant asset, your people, to transform your organization into one that is engaged, healthy, and agile. We will support you through change and provide you with the tools and strategies you need to lead change successfully. We will offer you a framework for effective evaluation and measurement of your performance. We can assist you to align your organizational policies and practices with your organizational values. This will support you to realize your potential and get that much closer to achieving your vision. Find out what people say about our experience developing and transforming organizations.

Visioning & Strategic Planning

strategic planning

Where do you see your organization 20 years into the future? Who is your target audience? What makes your services unique? What values guide your organization’s priorities? How exactly do you get to achieve your vision? What strategic direction do you follow and how do you measure success?

A high performing organization aligns its strategic plan with its values, current resources, and future goals to offer services that are in demand and valued, while moving the organization closer towards achieving its vision.

At PossibilitiesUnlimited we can help you create a practical strategic plan that has:

  • well-defined goals and expectations,
  • a well articulated road map,
  • appropriate metrics and evaluation tools built into it to enable your organization to adjust and learn as you progress.

To ensure we build your priorities on a strong foundation, we can also support you to create a concise, simple, and inspiring vision statement; a mission statement that describes what your organization does and defines your purpose clearly; values that are aligned with your vision and mission and support a high performing team. Find out what people say about our strategic planning process.

Workshops & Facilitation

Workshops promote collaborative learning. Externally facilitated sessions can create a safe space for addressing key organizational issues and be an effective change management strategy. We can offer you training and facilitated sessions tailored to your unique organizational context and needs. Topics include collaborative leadership, practices and strategies that contribute to the creation of a healthy and engaged culture, evaluation and impact measurement, and change management.

Interim Leadership

Senior Management Change

Often when an Executive leaves their position, it takes more than a few weeks to find that next great leader for your organization. This is also the time when staff are anxious about the upcoming changes in leadership.

Hiring the CEO/Executive Director is one of the most important duties of the Board. This is not the time to rush but a time to reflect on the strategic direction of the organization and choose the most suitable candidate that can implement the priorities of the organization successfully.

Having an experienced leader to support your team enables you to take the time necessary to find the most suitable future Executive for the organization. It also prevents a leadership vacuum and provides staff with the support they need during this time of change.

With over 16 years of leadership and executive experience, our founder, Pany Aghili can step in the interim and support a smooth transition for Board and staff. Find out what people say about our interim leadership services.